8 days Hike Mount Elgon Safari

Elgon mountain is damant volcanoe that last erupted in more 24 million years ago.

Mt. elegom has the lagest surface area any extinct volcanoe in the would with 80km-50km and being the the fourth highest mountain in east Africa and the second in Uganda ,with its highest peak called wagagai to 4321km,it contains the biggest caldera,creater covering atotal over 40km at its top with series of peeks, the Bagisu and Sabbinyi are the two indiginious tribes found around this mountain they practice subsistence farming such as arabic coffee planting,irish potetoes, they also conduct circumcision in both male in bagisu and female in sabinyi every two even years they prepare mens and womens to challenges of adulthood hence the two tribe have made adeal with the park for sustainable harvest of traditional product from the products

Day one arrival Aguide from shall pick you up from the airport depending on your time of arriva if you come before midday here you shall drive strait to jinja for distance 82km on a congested traffic along the way or if you come late in the evening the spend a night in kampala move around in the city for asmall tour as well as shoping ,exchanging of currency while in jinja view the source of the nile as well as bujjagali then fist on the tilapia or nile parc

Day two jinja Early morning after breakfast join other hikers to go to mabira forest for agreat forest walk for three to four hour then relax then have apicnic lunch go for traditional dances by the locol womens.swiming,boat cruise etc back to jinja for dinner and overnite to the hotel of your budget

Day three mbale mt.ElegonDay 3 Have break fast around 8am depart to mbale east of Uganda total distance 350km ,have abrief break and shoping in mbale then drive via namunsi sironko to sippi falls for lunch, after lunch go for fall hike once you done back to the hotel of your choice

Day four mt.elegon hikeDay 4: As usal after amorning break start the walk following kapkwata trail to scenic hike through bamboo,health and amereland that leads you topiswa camp at an altitude of 2850m lunch and dinner in the mountain as prepare for night camp fire and overnite

Day five mt.elegon hike Walk up to the rim of caldera throughbeautiful columns lobelia elegonensis as you will be viewing the hotspring also and goege suam before proccing to the hunters cave at 3850m

Day six mt.hiking elgon Finish breakfast then procced to the top of the peak wagagai peak 4321km go on throughthe Jackson summit and Jackson pool for dinner and overnite at mude camp 3500m

Day seven elegon -kampala Early morning walk through the sasa trail via nakiwodye budadiri meet our travel guide who is to drive you via bugusege,buwalasi via mbale for lunch then procced kampala arrive late in the evening to the hotel of your choice

Day eight depature Depending on the time of your depature if there is still same time left to spare go visit owino market,meseum ,kasubi tombs,national theater for gifts and curious remember you have check in to the airport 2 hours to departure time your guide will drop off to airport back home here you say bye bye uganda and thanks to,asanti